Tuesday, August 09, 2005


We're sticking some things into our big Girls Aloud scrapbook, but we're puzzled about which piece to put in the front. Should it be this cutting from The Sun, 19th September 2003:

GIRLS ALOUD have been ordered to lose weight by manager Louis Walsh. The pop svengali was shocked when he saw the Popstars: The Rivals winners for the first time in a while and noticed they had turned into porkstars.
He immediately told the girls — SARAH HARDING, NICOLA ROBERTS, CHERYL TWEEDY, KIMBERLEY WALSH and NADINE COYLE — that they have been letting their showbiz lifestyles go to their waistlines.
To beat their bulges, he has signed up a tough personal trainer who has been ordered to get the girls back in shape. They are on a rigorous daily schedule with the boot camp-style fitness instructor.
The five are made to report for duty at 8.30am in a park near their homes in North London where they are put through their paces.
A pal of the band told me: “Louis hadn’t seen the girls for ages because he had been busy with other acts and they have been on promotional work. The first thing he said when he did see them was that they were looking a bit meaty — a couple of them in particular. The only one whose shape he is really happy with is Nadine. She has always been his favourite. But he feels the others could do with losing a bit of weight. They have been guilty of indulging in lots of junk food. What Louis has done is give them a good kick up the backside. They are at a very important stage in their career and they can’t afford to blow it. I think the girls themselves realise they have lost it a bit.”

Or this piece, from Ananova , 9th August, 2005:

Girls Aloud manager Louis Walsh says he is worried about Nadine Coyle's 'skinny' look. According to this week's Heat magazine he said: "I have spoken to her about her weight once or twice. All the girls are small but she is the thinnest, so she is the one to worry about the most. There is no doubt her legs are tiny.

"Nadine has spoken to me about her weight but she tells me that's just the way she is. She's really happy with the way she looks right now and doesn't see a problem.

"But she is thin and she is very careful with what she eats. Of course I worry about her and I have spoken to her as I thought she looked very skinny, but she says she's fine."

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