Friday, August 19, 2005


Well, it's no wonder Eminem had to cancel his European tour due to feeling exhausted: he's been necking sleeping pills down left, right and centre for months - that sort of addiction is bound to make you feel a little drowsy. Anyway, young Marshall has checked himself into a rehab clinic and is getting the care and treatment he needs - presumably, as it wouldn't be much good sedating him, they're chopping out lines of speed for him.

In a bad time for Em, he's also getting sued by his own aunt and uncle. Jack and Betty Scmitt claim that Em had agreed to give them 100,000 bucks a year (what for?) and give them a house (why?); perhaps because he's been in a Nytol-scented funk, Eminem has been forgetting to send cheques and - although he built a house for them - he didn't put the building in their name. Fancy. What's prompted the legal action, though, is that Eminem has now decided to kick them out the house.

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