Thursday, August 04, 2005


We're sure that all those people who tutted when we actually dared to suggest there were a few shortcomings with Live8 will now be lining up to accuse Elton John of not caring about dying people now that he's started to criticise the event for its lack of climax:

"I thought it was a bit of an anti-climax, to be honest. The thought behind it was fantastic, but Hyde Park is a charisma-free zone. There was no sense of occasion and from a musical point, I didn't think there were too many highlights.

So far, so frankly spoken. Oddly, though, when it comes onto the subject of the duet with Pete Doherty, Elt suddenly comes across all mealy-mouthed:

The flamboyant star blamed Doherty's shambolic performance of T-Rex's Children of the Revolution on the troubled star being "really nervous on the day".

Describing Doherty as "a mess", Sir Elton added "it's really sad, I don't think the people around him set a good example, which is a shame."

So, Doherty was just nervous, then. Elton doesn't say if he'd inhaled nerves, or injected.

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