Tuesday, August 09, 2005


During an event to roast Pamela Anderson (in the US, it's like a Variety Club luncheon rather than something that happens to hapless teenagers unlucky enough to be in a hotel room with Premiership footballers), Courtney Love threw a massive wobbler when asked about her recent weight gain:

"So I gained a little fucking weight. Deal with it."

Yikes. (And, yes, that's meant as a photo caption)

Meanwhile, equally touchy are The Magic Numbers, who do seem to have taken an innocent remark the wrong way when Richard Bacon described them thus:

"What do you get when you put two brothers and sisters in a band? A big fat meting pot"

Now, it's clumsy and the use of the word "fat" to describe the Magic Numbers does have the makings of one of those social-embarrasment ballets that Seinfeld used to do so well. And, indeed, the band took offence, and took up their instruments:

“We would like to apologise to anyone who was disappointed by our non-appearance on TOTP on Sunday. (Believe us we were disappointed too).

”Due to derogatory, unfunny remarks made during the guest presenter's introduction to our performance, we felt we had to make a stand and leave. It was an important day for us and should have been special. We didn't take this decision lightly but we stand by it.”

But... see what they did? They made exactly the same sort of gaffe by saying "we don't take this decision lightly", surely? We like The Magic Numbers, but rather than applauding their stand, we just wonder if they might need to grow a slightly thicker skin.

Viewers at home saw Alison Goldfrapp instead.


Anonymous said...

Don't be so disingenuous, anyone who's heard Richard Bacon knows what a little snide he is.

It's hardly a commonly used metaphor is it?

Simon said...

Siding against ver Numbers' stance might have been easier had Drowned In Sound not claimed this made Bacon a king of Amstellesque pop satire, rather than the last act of a desperate script.

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