Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Oh, like you care: Black Nielson split:

'This weekend, after much thought and soul-searching Black Nielson decided to call it a day. We have had a wonderful five years of playing and writing together and would like to thank all of you for your support throughout this time. Black Nielson's first live appearance was at Truck 2000 and we thought it apt to come full circle and let our appearance at this year's Truck Festival be our last. Due to this we will not be appearing tomorrow night at Nambucca as previously advertised, and this will also result in the last album 'Current Sunlight' not being released in the UK.'

It is, however, available, albeit for hair-scare prices at Amazon

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Iain said...

Ouch! I think it's cheaper on the link to the Australian store they have on their website. Or maybe I'm being fooled by conversions. Anyway, I care, they were the first band to send me a CD to review for free! I hope that I didn't contribute to their problems.

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