Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Set the timer ticking... we're just a month away from the new Franz Ferdinand single, spread over three formats and a download from September 19th. And if you can't wait, you can buy it now.

Although, of course, you'll still have to wait until it's actually delivered.

Also, if you're quick, you can be the first on block to have an email confirming that your copy of You Could Have It So Much Better... will ship on October 3rd.


aimster said...

yo simes, dont you think its a big mish mash of 80's toons... defo a bit of go west in there.

simon h b said...

Addicted to Love, reckons a poster to the Popbitch; although I like the idea of Go West a lot more... you'd hope Alex Kapranos will turn up wearing a pristine white singlet and carrying a large wrench for the live dates...

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