Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Britney Spears is just weeks away now from creating life, and, of course, she's choosing an astonishingly stupid way of doing it. Apparently, she's determined to have an underwater birth - in itself, dangerous and ill-advised - in a tub filled with Kabbalah water. That's about four thousand dollars worth of water (at Kabbalah price) or two hundred bucks if you just bought identical water off the shelf at your local shop.


Stuart Moses said...

Can't fault you on the stupidity of using expensive Kabbalah water for a water birth, but I would disagree that having a water birth is either 'dangerous' or 'ill-advised'. Obviously giving birth itself is a tricky business but there isn't a significantly higher risk using water. In fact some people find that it promotes relaxation and helps the management of pain.

simon h b said...

It depends on what studies you choose to believe, of course - certainly, in the UK the number of water births (which are different from instances where the mother leaves the pool prior to the birth) is so small as to make the statistics somewhat vague, but there is evidence that the umbilical chord has a higher risk of snapping during a submerged birth; a 2002 study in New Zealand discovered four instances where the baby nearly drowned in just one hospital district, and so on. Fair enough, it might be overstating it to say it is "dangerous", but nobody seems entirely convinced it's actually safe.

On the other hand: probably more pleasant than giving birth in MK general.

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