Monday, August 22, 2005


First, the good news: Madeleine Peyroux has been found - the jazz singer had gone AWOL when she was meant to be promoting her current album. It turned out that she was actually staying with her own manager, in a bid to avoid her own record company and their plans for album promotion. And how have her label reacted?

Bill Holland of Universal Classics and Jazz have said the discovery was "much to our embarrassment" and then... well, you can feel the sympathy:

"She doesn't want to see anyone or do any promotion," he told BBC One's Breakfast, adding that he was "fed up" with her behaviour.

"She's gone off - that's what she does and she won't come back."

If you had that level of concern, support and care coming from your record label, wouldn't you want to go and hide from them, too?


Craig said...

I've worked at a label doing promotion and it is simply frustrating when you break your back trying to set up interviews and then the artist is not interested. of course the label is acting in a self serving way trying to promote the record but every successful promotion should add a few fans to a bands following.

I like Madeline but I'm guessing she's a diva andf a real pain in the ass...

simon h b said...

Yes, but watching Peyroux desperately trying to wind herself down to the level of a 9 am encounter with Bill and Natasha on the "famous red sofa" makes it clear to anyone that she wasn't comfortable with that sort of promotion work; for her PR guy to moan that he's sick of her is like a bloke entering a greyhound into the grand national and throwing a hissy when the dog refuses to wear a saddle. The PR strategy for the artist was all wrong; and for a person to stand up and slag off the artist because their label's promotional strategy had been poorly conceived is unprofessional, unhelpful and demonstrating a lack of self-awareness.

Tomsk said...

I would have thought Bill n Nat perfect territory for a a woman who seems to be closely tailing Norah Jones down the Middle Of The Road? Whole thing is a publicity stunt anyway. Everyone's a winner - she's gained her air of tortured mystique, the PR people have grabbed the headlines and I suspect SmithKlineGlaxoWarnerTimeUniversaletc jazz conglomerates have shifted more 'product'. Bob's yer dad's brother.

simon h b said...

There's been some movement on this story over the last 24 hours...

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