Tuesday, August 16, 2005


BBC News has yet to find anyone admitting to spending 1995 with a picture of Donna Matthews and a sock, but their do you remember Britpop piece is an oral history every bit as chilling as those recalling the second world war:

"we woke every morning to Chris Evans and the Boo Radleys"

But, of course, Britpop never happened, and Sleeper were just a figment of your imagination:

..from what I remember (I was about 10) it was all pretty much created by the media, a big lie. This is nothing new when it comes to music, but I really can't see that very much good came out of this period short of 'lad' culture and the willingness to accept average music. Music, which gave way for the tat which we like to call rock music today - I'm not about to reel of a lot of band names, turn on the radio and you'll hear for yourself (excluding evil 'R&B' and the remains of what has always been awful European pop) For me 'Britpop' is a term for a period which an embarresing time in British music histroy when people were fooled into thinking that their music actually mattered, when infact it was a media fronted selling scam, which made a lot of people who couldn't even tap their foot along to the music very rich.

Blimey, Alex Delarge from Oxfordshire... we're guessing you had trouble returning your copy of Everyone's Got One to the Our Price, didn't you?


Simon said...

It should be mentioned in passing that the new NME Originals Britpop magazine is a fine piece of work, including what looks like a punter quote regarding Country House v Roll With It from someone I know.

Iain said...

And it has The Bluetones in. At least twice!

Anonymous said...

Isn't "Alex Delarge" the name of Malcolm McDowell's character in A Clockwork Orange? Big classical fan, if I remember ...

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