Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Having taken the hopes of millions of people to the table at the G8 summit in order to ensure that his famous friends didn't feel too bad about themselves for managing to achieve so little, the leaders of Portugal have decided to award U2 a big prize to Bono and the rest of U2: they're getting the Order of Liberty:

"Over the past 25 years the band has allied its public exposure to the defence of human rights," said a presidential spokeswoman. According to the president's office, the Order of Liberty honours efforts "to defend civilised values, dignify mankind and the cause of liberty".

We're not entirely sure we've seen any evidence of Bono actually dignifying mankind, playing sunglasses with the Pope, but then the prize isn't in our gift.
Image hosted by - Bono appearing on Fox News

We expect Bono will turn down the prize - after all, it's not about him, is it?

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