Tuesday, August 02, 2005


If you're anything like us, you'd have hoped that the long silence from Craig David since his last album was because of a period retraining as a mechanic and the following of a new career refitting old Routemaster Double Deckers. But, no, it seems he's spent his time staring at a blank sheet of paper trying to work out how to write some new songs. David calls this 'writer's block', but that's probably over-egging the quality of what he comes up with when he's not blocked:

"You know what, pretty much after 'Slicker than your Average', which finished at 2003, I felt like when I came back from that record. Having promoted 'Born to do It', going out to America, touring, and then doing the same for the second album."

"I just wanted to relax. I don't feel inspired and creative when I haven't got anything to talk about lyrically."

We know, not having anything to say didn't seem to be a problem with the first two albums. For this one, David's drawing on his school days - at least offering the promise of a Smiley Culture style video of Dave in an ill-fitting school uniform; he's even written a song about being bullied when he was at school. Which, of course, is a terrible thing and shouldn't happen to anyone, but to still be banging on about it fifteen or twenty years later... well, it does suggest a man with very little going on in his life now, doesn't it?

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