Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Good god, who can trust these days if not the News of the World and some model? The High Court has heard that Lucy Clarkson duped the NOTW when she said she'd been intimate with Justin Timberlake:

David Griffiths said his client Ms Clarkson apologised for the "distress and embarrassment she has caused the claimant and Ms Diaz".

"She accepts that the story, which she sold to the newspaper, was an entire fabrication on her part and that she had not had an affair or fling with the claimant," said Mr Griffiths.

Justin is going to get a big fat cheque from Clarkson and from Rupert Murdoch's paper; money he can invest in his new trouser companyWilliam Rast.

Who knows what the future holds for Clarkson?

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We're starting to wonder if she really is an expert in martial arts and arcaheology...

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