Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Disappointingly, there are people wearing official uniforms and holding clipboards rushing to deny that Kylie is coming back at the Commonwealth Games. They're not just upset for her, at these rumours, of course, but they're thinking of the fans:

"Once the doctors give Kylie the 'all clear', her first priority will be to bring the Showgirl tour to Australian fans as promised," said her manager Terry Blamey.

"Making up stories about her performing elsewhere shows scant regard for the feelings of those fans as much as for the truth."

Can you imagine how those fans are feeling right now? Not to mention the truth? Do you people know what a violated person looks like?

Luckily, Kylie fans have, for years, been carefully preparing themselves to be protected from this kind of brutal intrusion, as this file photo shows:

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