Friday, August 19, 2005


There's nothing big and clever about digging around in people's recorded statements to find what they were saying turns out to have been bollocks, of course, but that doesn't stop it being fun. So, let's dig out Mark Feehilly's contributions to a CD:UK chat:

worldpop: Is it impossible to date fans?

Mark: No, not impossible. Some of us actually have dated fans, but it's never been a serious relationship. It depends on which level they are fans. Say level one is a girl who has our album and likes it and level 10 would be a girl who sleeps outside our hotel. We could date, like levels one to three. But I wouldn't date anyone for the wrong reasons. A lot of girls like me just because I'm in Westlife. That's not enough to get me out on a date with them

Yeah, a girl would have had to have something extra about her to interest Mark...

worldpop: It must be a great feeling to have girls chasing after you?

Mark: I know we have the tools; power, fame and a bit of money, to get girls, and there's a lot of guys who would take the chance. For a lot of girls money and power are enough for them to go with a guy and I think it's sad to see that happen.

worldpop: Are you afraid you'll never find true love?

Mark: I'm a big believer in destiny and what's meant to happen will happen. If I'm meant to find the girl I'll love and want for the rest of my life, it will happen. Too many people go out there and try too hard to find love and it can turn out so wrong. I just sit back and let destiny take its course. I don't sit at home waiting for her to knock on my door, but I don't try to look for that special somebody.

worldpop: Have you been in love?

Mark: I haven't been in love, really. There's been few times when I though I was, and we dated for a few months but it never worked out. In a relationship, I'm very honest. You can never lose if you tell the truth. But I haven't had so many girlfriends, maybe seven or eight.

Meanwhile, what to make of this from Smash Hits?:

Shane: Mark's even started going out with a girl and actually seeing her again the night after. There's something strange going on!
Mark: I'm really broody, but I haven't got a hope in hell at the

I wouldn't be so sure, Mark - they're working on it at the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority even as we speak.

And then there's this from Sneak:

Mark: "I miss meeting girls and they're being no celebrity thing attached to it – just me being normal Mark meeting a girl."

Obviously, he didn't miss it overmuch.


Anonymous said...

It isn't fair - when you know that you are gay you must say it. Why now, after years? I think the answer is well-known. Now it's safety - he's rish, powerful - he can be gay or normal.

simon h b said...

Nobody, of course, is obliged to reveal details about their sexuality (unless they're, say, leading campaigns to take us back to Victorian values) but there is something crumbling about a person in a happy, secure gay relationship pretending to be wooooaaah, shaggin' loadsa birds. It all adds to the impression that being gay is somehow undesireable; Mark's lies to Sneak might not be in quite the same league as the Right wing's constant hounding of gays and bisexuals, but all adds towards the same outcome.

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