Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Of course, when Paul McCartney says "God bless the Pope", he's one of the few people who is doing so in the belief that he's issuing instructions to a subordinate.

The disappointing thing, naturally, is that McCartney is keen to praise the Pope for his call for Catholics to be compassionate towards animals, but not to mention his Church's awful attitude towards, for example, condoms and other birth control which ultimately exacerbates health and other serious, life-threatening problems in developling nations. But at least he tells people not to be nasty to cats, eh?

We know expecting someone with a highprofile to call the Pope to account is like hoping for the Queen to become an anarchist, but if they can't say something truthful, shouldn't these celebs stop praising the guy for the few little crumbs of pronouncement he gets right? It only encourages him. Mind you, perhaps Paul has figured out that a few words from the Pope ("Actually, use condoms - let's beat HIV and then worry about what the Bible reckons you should do with your seed then...") could have had a much more profound effect on the lives of SubSaharan Africans than his entire Live 8 and Live Aid sets combined, even if the microphone had been working at the first one.

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