Tuesday, August 23, 2005


We're a little worried about the MediaGuardian's Media Monkey, as the bananas seem to be getting to him. This is the current lead story on the page:

It's heartening to see the BBC playing such a forthright role in the rehabilitation of Jonathan King. The pop impresario, jailed in 2001 for sexually abusing boys, was one of the featured artists on this week's Top of the Pops 2, introduced by presenter Steve Wright as "our old friend Jonathan King". Ah yes, old friend indeed. The song, in case you're interested, was Let It All Hang Out, a top 30 hit from 1970, Monkey understands. Readers may recall that King was a guest on Victoria Derbyshire's Radio Five phone-in last month, an unlikely booking that later prompted the BBC to apologise, describing him as an "inappropriate choice of guest". Next he'll be bagging a guest spot as a judge on Celebrity Fame Academy.

We're puzzled as to what channel Moneky is watching "this week's" TOTP2 praise for the dubious Mr. King on. Only on our telly, TOTP2 was axed from BBC TWO a year ago. Surely Monkey isn't confusing a re-run on UK G2 with a programme made recently, is he?

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