Friday, August 19, 2005


We've got a soft spot for Rachel Stevens, who does have the knack of delivering a pop song really well. But we're really disappointed that she manages to make her new album sound about as exciting as ITV2:

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I'm really proud of this album, ever since I started working in music it's been about releasing great pop tracks that everyone can dance and have fun to but this time I also wanted to express more of myself and give people a few surprises along the way.

"Although I've matured I still want to keep pop fun but a little naughtier!."

God, we hate people who try to talk about sex and shagging and snogging and filth and rude, rude touching and describe it as being "a little naughty." It's such a mimsying word.

And we're not entirely sure we want songs with more of you in them, Rachel. No offence, but stage-school girl turned underwear model isn't really a background which is going to turn you into the new Debbie Harry.

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