Thursday, August 18, 2005

ROCK SICK LIST: Ow, Mr. Wilson

When they take the stage at the V Festival this weekend, Ricky Wilson will be hobbled and using crutches. Mr. Kaiser Chief buggered his ankle onstage in Portugal and now has torn ankle ligaments. Spokesperson:

"Ricky Wilson has torn his ankle ligaments jumping off a stage at Parades De Coura Festival, Portugal.

”It's a repeat of the injury Ricky suffered in March this year on the band's US dates around SXSW. All shows planned for this weekend, Lowlands, Pukkelpop and V Festival will go ahead, but Ricky will be less mobile than usual and won't be climbing any lighting rigs!! Any rumours of cancellations are not true - Kaiser Chiefs will perform as planned across this weekend."

Bloody hell, as if it wasn't bad enough them constantly re-releasing and re-formatting the records; now they're even repeating the same injuries.

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