Monday, August 15, 2005

ROCK SICK LIST: Ryan Adams goes down again

He's the only man in rock who can claim to have cancelled more gigs than Pete Doherty, and now, Ryan Adams is axing another tour:

“The band got a bad bug on the way back from Japan that just kept wearing us down. Really sorry about having to cancel the gigs, especially since I never had to cancel anything. But my voice was fried and the band was toast. And I never fully recovered from my inner ear infection. Was trying to avoid cancelling any more shows.

”We’re still finding our sea legs out there on the road, but what with (the) band being together only a year and having that many songs, no 2 shows are ever the same. Some are better than others, but that’s the price you gotta pay for mixing it up.

”After making three records this year, we just left the studio in LA recording songs for the upcoming Cameron Crowe movie. What started as being 1, ended up being 18. only one or so will be used, but this is your heads up that there might be another Cardinals record in your near future.

”This has been a fantastic and terrible year for us, and we’d hope that the fans can focus on the positive, leave the negative behind. And trust me, all of us would rather be playing.”

He's relying on his taut buttocks and pretty eyes to earn him a hello of a lot of forgiveness.