Friday, August 12, 2005


With the music career looking (unfairly) dodgy right now, Rachel Stevens might be hoping to keep her options open as an actress. And, luckily, she's got a part in the Deuce Bigelow sequel. And as if that wasn't bad enough, it's hardly the sort of appearance which will look great on the showreel:

Rachel appears for a total of less than a full minute in this movie. She playes a character called "Louisa the dirty girl." Deuce rings her door bell, and there she is all covered in mud/dirt. After the camera goes to another scene, it comes back to the two of them riding in a gondola (on the rivers of Venice most likely) and Deuce tells Rachel to look at something. Rachel turns and looks and Deuce pushes her into the lake. After that, as you've seen on the trailer, she emerges from the lake looking gorgeous. She has no spoken lines whatsoever.

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Her agent is warning her it might not be enough for a lead actress oscar.

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