Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Fined ten thousand dollars he hasn't got, Michael Jackson has paid the price for not turning up in court to face the charges relating to claims fromt Josepth Bartucci. Bartucci is the guy who says that Jackson touched him in a limo back in 1984, something he forgot about until he had therapy.

Jackson's representative told a New Orleans court the summons to appear had been "lost in the confusion" when Jackson had been acquitted of touching Gavin Avrizo.

You can understand that - there were birds flying everywhere; it would be easy to lose track.

Having said that, if your legal team were able to misplace and totally forget that their client had been called into court because he was supposed to have touched a boy, you might wonder just how diligent they were. Can it be there's so many claims of young boy touching floating about they need to take on extra staff?

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