Saturday, August 27, 2005


We know Ashlee Simpson is desperate for people to associate her with something - anything - other than her Saturday Night Live career-termination. And we could see that trying to get some of the attention going "I'm kinda gay" could just about do something to shift perception of her as being a bit dim. But "I wish I was Brad Pitt so I could have sex with Jennifer Aniston"? How does that even work? If she's trying to drop titilating lesbian hints, then why would she have to be Brad Pitt? If you were really interested in shagging Angelina Jolie, and someone offered you a wish, wouldn't you wish for Angelina Jolie to be spread-eagled on your kitchen rug, rather than to turn yourself into Brad Pitt so you could trick Jolie into having sex with you? It's all a little bit too much like the Buffy where Faith had sex with Riley while she was in Buffy's body for comfort.

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