Saturday, August 06, 2005


We've had a note to ourselves to bring you a link to this - frankly, astonishing - pair of screen grabs for a while, but have never quite found an excuse to shoehorn them in, so we'll just go with it now: Spizzazzz had a post last May about Kelly Osbourne's extraordinary CD:UK appearance - not so much a push-up bra; more heavy lifting equipment. The question 'what the hell was she thinking' was probably answered when she slunk off the rehab not long after. The photos are safe for work, but not your psyche.

And while we're talking of other music blogs, the growth in the number of mp3 blogs shows no signs of slowing down (did we read this week that there's a new blog created every second now?) and, thankfully, lots of them are pretty good, bringing a range of music you wouldn't find together elsewhere - hats off to Something Old, Something New and Sex Kittens Compare Scratches.

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