Saturday, September 24, 2005


We've not got any respect at all for Keith Hellawell, (Tony) Blair's former "drug tzar" who seemed to do little but generate tabloid coverage for himself during his time sorting out the UK's drug problem - and you'll have noticed what a great job he did there, too; and, of course, his pronouncement on (Ian) Blair's focus on Kate Moss' drug use were more about reminding people that Hellawell is available for interviews, monographs and conferences than making a useful contribution. But even he isn't as grim-faced about it all as some seem to be, condemning Ian Blair's decision to use Moss' fame against her:

"It would be wrong to either let someone off because they are high-profile or prosecute them because they are high-profile," he said. "We ought to do what we do in every circumstance."

Mr Hellawell told Radio 4's Today programme: "Why would you focus on Kate Moss when there are thousands of people in London who are involved in this type of behaviour?"

Mr Hellawell also criticised the "celebrity arrogance" and hypocrisy surrounding cocaine. He said: "As soon as it's discovered and it can't be kept in the box, then everybody comes out with this outrage. I think those double standards are silly."

It's a pity he never actually said anything half as sensible when he was still at the heart of HM Government's drug policies.

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