Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Of course, it's easy for Mick Jagger to try and make sure the Sweet Neocon kerfuffle is smoothed over and forgotten by muttering to the New York Post about how he'd love to play Iraq, when he's not likely to be asked. But wouldn't you love to see his bluff being called:

"The boys are doing a very professional and a very tough job over there, and they aren't getting a lot of fun either.

"So the answer [to would we go] is - absolutely. To be honest, the troops would probably be more interested in seeing a lot of pretty girls than us."

We imagine the troops would just be pleased to see anyone who doesn't have a half-tonne of explosives strapped to their belly. But you have to wonder at the logic of a man who says he's scared to go into London yet claims he's really love the chance of a gig in Baghdad.