Friday, September 16, 2005


We'd been trying to warm to Jane Gazzo since she took over 6Music's Dream Ticket from Janice Long, but... well, we're relieved we won't have to bother any more, as she's leaving, giving Nemone a permanent home on the station.

We're delighted to see that MediaGuardian calls the station BBC Radio 6 Music throughout its piece - it's what we like to think the network's called, too - but we're a little puzzled by this:

But [Controller Lesley] Douglas denied she wanted to make 6 Music less blokey: "I don't think like that. The way I look at it is: who brings more than just their knowledge of music to the station? Who brings something from their life that makes them a real person people can connect with? It's not about softer female voices or female presenters."

We're not entirely sure why Douglas didn't just pull a face and ask how replacing one female dj with another female dj would be part of a strategy to make the station "less blokey". On the other hand, perhaps she's been putting oestrogen in Steve Lamacq's tea.


Simon said...

"Lesley Douglas, the controller of Radio 2 and 6 Music, said the station needs to increase its visibility and appeal, and having Radio 2 DJs work on the digital station is one of the most successful ways of achieving that."


Simon Hayes Budgen said...

That puzzled me, too, but I think it's just a poor change of gears to her comment about having Maconie and Collins on both networks, rather than a direct reference to Nemone.

Anonymous said...

But she's awful. Bloody awful. Even worse than Gazzo. And it's not as if Nemone was known for he interest in music at Radio 1.

Why oh why oh why haven't they pinched Mary Anne Hobbs.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Worse than Gazzo? That's quite harsh - did you hear Gazzo attempting to pronounce The Rezillos the other night?

davidweight said...

They've had Nemone on 6music during the day and she's been dreadful, very out of touch, and seems to go with that naff Radio 1 of the reasons I stopped listening to Radio 1. Crikey, they'll end up with Jo Wiley in a few years....that would put a nail in it at that point.

6 music has certainly lost its edge ov the past six months.

Unknown said...

I thought Gazzo was great - a real breath of fresh air after Janice Long's tired, aging formula.

Nemone is way too 'Radio 1' for 6 Music, and asfar as I can see 6 is going down the toilet by trying to appeal too much to a mass audience.

What is the point of the multi-channel digital age if the specialist stations get ridden rouhg-shod over in order to make a quick buck?

Anonymous said...

Jane Gazzo was the best in 6music. Hope she's back on air somewhere else soon.

Anonymous said...

And Nemone is still rubbish after 5years she is just a psychologist masquerading as a radio presenter in the last 5years she has had so many guests on that have had trauma in their lifes from E from the Eels ta child abuse victims
She is a disgrace ta radio and a disgrace ta psychology

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