Thursday, September 01, 2005


We had been holding off posting this until we'd had a chance to listen ourselves, but it disappears in 48 hours or so, so we thought we'd better bring the wise words of Simon from sweeping the nation out of our inbox and onto the blog:

As BBC7 forgot to advertise it, I must bring their Purely Peel three hour special to your attention - Lamacq fronting a load of speech based memorial shows, chiefly him and Walters remembering their entry to rock'n'roll in 1987 series Peeling Back The Years, him looking back through his career in 1986's Radio Radio, two editions of Radio 5 chat show Chain Reaction wherein he's interviewed by David Gedge and interviews Ian Rush, and a remarkable five minute trail with Walters' assistance only made for broadcast during the preceding programme. All on Listen Again, obviously.

Chain Reaction, of course, is notable for being one of the programmes the proper Radio 5 would put out when it had to fill the mornings up on days there were no schools programmes...

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