Friday, September 23, 2005


The Friday Guardian food column clearly isn't enough for Alex Kapranos; he now seems to be hoping for the Cyril Fletcher role in a That's Life revival.

Yes, Kapranos has become the first man in a generation to hurl the insult "jobsworth" at a council employee. Specifically, in this case, the council guys who made Franz Ferdinand turn their sound down at their open-air Princes Park gig:

"You have that immense space to play and you have some tosser sitting there with his sound gauge being a total jobsworth."

Promoter Dave Corbet stuck up for the party poopers:

"This kind of thing is normal practice at outdoor concerts and there are all kinds of rules and regulations that you have to meet over sound levels and so on. The band's production manager didn't seem to be aware that this happens and told the band what had happened, but the fact is these rules are always in place at concerts like this.

"He was apparently warned once that there was a breach, but it was no big deal. The council officials are usually pretty good about it and it's not like it used to be, when they were a bit less subtle about this kind of thing."

The council - whose words should be read out by Glynn Worsnip, perhaps wearing a peaked cap with "council" on it - said:

"During pre-event discussions, agreements on noise requirements are essential and are included as a condition of the licence issued by the council.

"We have a duty to protect the amenity of local people and other businesses when licensing events. There has to be some control over noise levels or events like this would not be possible."

We hope all this ends with the Frannies recording a cover of the classic That's Life Jobsworth anthem ("Jobsworth! Jobsworth! It's more than my job's worth/ I don't care/ rain or snow/ whatever you want, the answer's no...") and perhaps even presenting some sort award...

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