Monday, September 19, 2005


The death has been announced of Peter Bossley, guitarist with late 80s student circuit stalwarts the Macc Lads (although only - as Al O'Peesha - during the early 90s).

Besides his work playing guitar with the Bigg Market Made Punk that the Macc Lads scattered around the nation, Bossley was a respected journalist, deputy editor of the Staffordshire Sentinel. Even when he had his press hat on, though, he kept an eye on the music industry:

Sean Dooley, editor in chief of Staffordshire Sentinel Newspapers, said: "As our readers will know, Peter was a brilliant columnist, ever prepared to give his opinion on subjects from the Iraq war to the contemporary music scene.

"His passions provoked praise and fury in equal measure from correspondents, but you could never fail to be moved by his writing and it was no surprise that he was continually recognised for his work in national awards."

The Macc Lads were an acquired taste, one rather like three day old Newky Brown with a cigarette butt in it (they also did the KillamanGiro gag a decade before Babyshambles). According to his entry on the Macc Lad website, Al had a lively time in the band:

Chief fat-baiter, roadie, PR man, and some-time guitarist.
Al once compiled a list of fans who lived in University Halls of Residence.
At the start of the holidays, he sent out parcels of dead mice and dogshit.
When the students returned, these parcels had been festering for four weeks.

Like we say, an acquired taste.

Peter's death was sudden and untimely. He was 42; the coroner is currently investigating the cause of death.

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Diamat said...

20 pints of Boddingtons to you, Peter.

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