Friday, September 23, 2005


Moby has, to be fair, got a record of being less-than-impressed with the current US President, so the news that he thinks Bush is the worst president in history won't be sending W back to the Jim Beam (although the National Enquirer suggests he's already there.) Still, Moby doesn't mince his words:

"He was a wealthy child, not very bright, and had everything handed to him. When he invaded Iraq he thought it would be as easy as ordering pizza at Domino's.

"As an American I feel like I have to apologise to all Latin American countries that I visit for the exploitation of American foreign politics."

Clearly, Moby has never tried to order pizza from our local Dominoes, where they get confused between the jalapenos and the green peppers, never spell your name right, send it off in the little car when you've told them you'll be collecting, and just look scared when you yell "how dare you use your profits to support rabid anti-aboritionists, eh?" Whereas, of course, the actual invading of Iraq was pretty simple - bomb the fuck out of everything and roll in. It's the stuff that comes after that's proving to be a little more tricky.

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