Thursday, September 22, 2005


The Mirror is starting to lose interest in Kate Moss now, leaving it to the Sun to take up the cudgels with which to beat this EVIL DRUG FIEND. What with it being open season, The Sun goes in for what it feels is the killer blow: SHAMED supermodel Kate Moss is a regular user of deadly CRACK cocaine, The Sun can reveal.

That's the Sun's capitals and bold font. Rimmel had clearly had been starting to panic about its decision to stick by Kate while all the other companies had been dumping her - these funky companies don't mind being bold, but they can't stand being alone - and The Sun's latest mildly-worse allegations have given them the excuse they need to fall into line:

A spokeswoman said: "Rimmel London is shocked and dismayed by the recent press allegations surrounding Kate Moss’s behaviour. We are currently reviewing her contract."

But it doesn't stop there - the fashion industry might grind to a halt if The Sun gets its way as it discover, shockingly, simply everyone is doing cocaine:

Our investigation into drug use at London Fashion Week found the Class-A powder at two out of three shows.

Tests commissioned by The Sun confirmed traces of cocaine in toilets used by top models and designers.

The results come just a week after Kate Moss was exposed as a cocaine user — and explodes the myth that the drug is not widespread in the fashion world.

The myth that cocaine isn't widespread in the fashion industry is one of those, like the belief that little men live in the television set, or that babies are delivered by storks, that it's high time someone set out to challenge, don't you think?

The Daily Telegraph - never a paper to hear of a pretty girl in distress without running a picture of her in a bikini - is desperate to know if you feel Kate's treatment is fair. Sara DeWinter is an early responder:

While I believe that any celebrity’s private life should remain just that, by placing herself in the position where her behaviour became public property, Kate should face the consequences. She has quite rightly become an icon for many young people, and is a 'personality' not just a nameless 'face'. This means that young people will be interested in, and possibly admiring of her behaviour. It is right therefore that she should be removed from fronting campaigns aimed at an impressionable sector of society which is currently struggling with these issues.

You can see where Ms DeWinter is coming from on this one, but it hardly seems fair to lambast Kate for publicly using drugs - after all, she was attempting to do it in private; she just hadn't checked that there were no Mirror journalists in the room first. "Thank God someone made public the fact she was using drugs so we can attack her for using drugs in public..."

Pete Doherty is unlikely to be adding his opinions to the Telegraph website, but clearly would be keen to ask for the press to be kinder to Kate; last night Greenock Town Hall gig he picked on photographers as a press-proxy:

The Babyshambles frontman threw a microphone stand at photographers in the front row of the concert held in the town hall and had to be held back by security guards.
After the performance he blamed the media for ruining the career of his former girlfriend, supermodel Kate Moss, who has been dropped by several major fashion labels after pictures were published of her apparently taking cocaine.

He also told the press in Carlisle that he's got some more granular problems with the coverage:

“I’m in the midst of a grand conspiracy. We’ve had a notoriously shambolic tour. This one takes the biscuit.

“That’s the thing about a lot of the tabloid stuff. They keep using the word junkie. It’s just not accurate.”

The current Babyshambles tour is Pete's "first in years I've come on not being a heroin addict" - you'll note, of course, the careful use of the specification of the type of drug he's not addicted to there.

Of course, now Doherty is no longer a smackhead, he won't need to keep to turning to petty theft to feed his habits, will he? Or, maybe not: he seems to have attempted to pinch a pastie and a cup of indifferent tea at Tebay services on the M6:

Tebay storeman SIMON HALL says, "Instead of walking through the till area, he went round to the back of the smoking (dining) area. He walked out and off to the bus without paying. One of our manager called him back. Doherty said he was in all this debt. £300,000 and they should let him off because he's famous."

It was all a terrible misunderstanding, apparently:

"He had some food and didn't have any money on him. That's why someone had to go back to the bus. The meal came to £6.99. The person came back and only have a fiver (£5). They've only just gone on the road. Usually there's someone around to dish out the money.

If we found ourselves in this situation, we'd have said to the person on the till - "I've got to nip to the car, mate, to get a tenner" - rather than attempting to sneak out of the back door and saying... well... odd things:

Hall's co-worker RYAN McKENZIE tells British newspaper the Daily Star that Doherty was bragging about his millionaire model love, saying, "I'm 300 grand in debt. Why do you think I'm going out with Kate Moss?

Let's hope he's not counting on Moss to underwrite his Julie's Pantry bills in the future...

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