Wednesday, September 21, 2005


It's all fun and games until somebody loses a Burberry contract: Morrissey isn't finding the Doherty drugs story amusing:

"I'm not sure he can cope. There's a desperation to him. I sense he's on thin ice.

"It's all very giggle-worthy for NME to report two hours after a gig that he's in a crack house in Glasgow but I don't find that amusing."

Meanwhile, Chanel and Burberry have decided they're not amused by it, either, and decided to end their connections with Kate Moss. Burberry, of course, will be especially worried about the effect on their business of being associated with someone taking cocaine - coke's image as the "champagne drug" will really play badly amongst the Elizabeth Duke set who choose to wrap themselves in their company's products, which has the look and feel of the sort of sticky-backed plastic we used to use on worksurfaces in the 70s.

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