Sunday, September 25, 2005


Jim McCabe has been in touch again - and it's always a delight - to raise a couple of questions. First, has anyone thought through the wisdom of having Roger Daltry and Robert Plant share lead vocals on the Peel tribute single?:

With those two egos at play, the old Buzzcocks' classic will sound like an angry sparring match in a bar just before fisticuffs occur.

Second, just why did the Guardian choose to editorialise about how much it loves Dylan?

Not entirely unwelcome, though unexpected. It would be slightly tawdry, however, if the only reason for the editorial was some sort of tenuous tie-in with Scorsese's forthcoming Dylan opus.

Ourselves, we're so tired of Bob Dylan right now. If he'd actually gone knocking on heaven's door the coverage of this documentary couldn't have been any more over-carpeted. We've seen or heard it trailed now on BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, Radio 3, Radio 4 and 6 Music - and we bet it's just luck that we haven't caught a plug on Radio 2. Now, we can understand the excitement at Bob picking up an electric guitar, in its context. It's like when Creation started issuing twelve inch singles, or the Manics didn't split after the first album. But, crucially, even if BBC2 did air an documentary featuring Matt from Sarah recreating the great "measuring the runout groove" incident, it's unlikely it would be trailed every single time you turn the television on. Even though is should.

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Anonymous said...

Robert Plant and Roger Daltrey singing 'Ever Fallen In Love'? Christ's soupy beard! Why? Robbie Williams might work though...

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