Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Some nice timing for a very, very minor accident involving Lindsay Lohan - it comes just as she was taking some heat for making a children's charity send a private jet halfway across America to pick her up only to send it away again. Then she changed her mind, and took another private jet to the benefit for Wyclef Jean's Yeli Foundation. (Not that she was there in spirit: "When Lindsay finally arrived, she sat in a corner playing with her BlackBerry and didn't mingle.")

Having burned up thousands of charity dollars - and managing to raise the temperature of the planet by a whole degree all on her own, through ridiculous squandering of jet fuel - Lohan needed something to take the heat off her. Suddenly, she was very slightly injured in a road accident.

This is third time in about a year she's been involved in a car crash, isn't it? She's more dangerous behind the wheel than all our grandparents put together. It's bloody lucky Herbie drives himself.

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