Friday, October 28, 2005


Finding a quiet moment in his busy schedule, 50 Cent has decided to start some sort of meaningless row with Dr Dre.

What over? Nothing:

Game is continuing to work on his follow-up to The Documentary with producers like Just Blaze and Cool and Dre, but 50 Cent says to the best of his knowledge Dr. Dre will not be working on it. In fact, 50 says Dre better not work on the Game

"If I'm not messing with him, how is Dre going to mess with him?" 50 recently asked on-air personality Tim Westwood during a BBC Radio interview in Europe. "Then that means me and Dre got beef. I think everybody sees my pattern."

Yeah, I can see how you'd have no choice. Probably shooting someone would sort it out, though?

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