Friday, October 07, 2005


Possibly the sweetest news for anybody caught in an office with an internet connection - Danny Baker is returing to BBC London:

"People are unaware that I was actually born and raised at 35 Marylebone High Street in the old Studio Two to be precise, back when it was still known as The Lord Reith Umbrella for Unwanted Cockney Orphans," Danny says.

"My new life of indolence was going wonderfully well until I was offered a new show back at the old place that both intrigued and stimulated me," states Danny.

"'How about coming back and doing what you do - but this time in a way that would NOT require you to get up at 4.44am?' they said.

"I must say the boldness and risk inherent in the scheme both fascinated and, yes, intimidated me. NOT getting up while it was still dark eh? Why those crafty, crazy mad BBC London so-and-so's…"

Danny's wife was over the moon with his new position. "You're driving me up the wall, shuffling about the house all day," she said.

The hours suited her too as, "You can bring fish and chips home on Fridays!"

"From 17 October, it's fish and chips - put it in your diaries!" says Danny.

"As far as I am concerned it'll be fish and chips every night of the week. My people, my kingdom – I'm coming home."

That's the press release talking. One of the few saving graces of living in Britain - alongside those long, balmy Tory Party leadership battles, where you get Bobby Robson, some chap who looks like a midland Estate Agents mortgage advisor, and your great uncle Ken fighting it out in a bid to lose the next election - is radio stations which employ Danny Baker. My mom, my flag, my 94.9.

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