Monday, October 24, 2005


The Arctic Monkeys were fretting last week that they might be spoiled by scoring the number one spot so early on in their careers; and if they were worried it might mean they attracted an intolerant cd:uk type of crowd who aren't really interested in anything more than The Song JK and Joel Have Played Them, it looks like they could have been right. During their gig at Liverpool Barfly, the audience weren't especially warm towards support act Test Icicles, rapidly turning from uninterest to hostility, reports Gigwise:

Shortly after Test Icicles played recent single ‘Circle. Square. Triangle’, large sections of the crowd turned hostile and started booing the electro-punk trio.

Plastic beer glasses were thrown towards the stage, and the antagonism grew and mass cries of “you’re fucking shit” were heard when the band were forced to cut short the set due to a technical hitch on ‘Boa vs. Python’.

Guitarist and singer with the band Devonte Hynez reacted to the hostilities by saying “Yeah, we’re shit.”

Clearly dejected, the band left the stage after playing a mere five song set.

There's nothing like the influx of the Top 40 fans...


karl said...

Don't be cruel to teh scousers- they're grieving:

Expect a 1 minute silence at Anfield on Saturday, followed by a charity single to raise funds for a Tomb Of The Unknown Chicken.

vivouk said...

But Test Icicles are...baws! Like something Nathan Barley would try and pass off as music. It's not nice to have a band booed off, but they'll get good press for being 'controversial' though so I'm not shedding any tears.

That's a genius link, Karl. :D

karl said...

There seems to be some kind of universal truth, that the talent level of a band is inversely proportional to the whackiness of the name.

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