Thursday, October 06, 2005


We've spent most of today wandering round trying to understand exactly what that Apprentice live final was all about - especially when Regis went excitedly "look, there's Sugar Ray Robinson", and Robinson stood up, and then sat down again. We know they had three hours to fill, but even so...

Anyway, we're not sure if this little deal was cooked up backstage then, but Regis and Donald Trump are recording a Christmas song together. (For those of you unfamilair with Mr. Philbin, imagine if Richard Madeley made double sure he paid for everything, and then put all his change in the poor box by the cashregister.)

They're doing Rudoplph the Red Nosed Reindeer. If it doesn't end with Trump telling "Dancer and Prancer, you're fired", then we're not the man we think we are.

EDIT: Shawndra tells us that it was, in fact, Sugar Ray Someone Else - Leonard? - but boxers were never our thing. And while we're at it, what on earth was the point of bringing on the O'Jays - twice - and never actually letting them do the whole of the song?


Anonymous said...

Sugar Ray Leonard was edited out by the BBC because on the American version of the finale he was promoting The Contender. Which ITV has the rights to. And promptly squandered them by showing it on ITV2. They also edited out some woman from Law & Order, because really, who watches that?

simon h b said...

Ah, so Andy the debating elf from Harvard's reference to The Contender wasn't quite so off the wall and inspired as it seemed?

It's a pity they didn't edit out quite a bit more from the programme, mind... it could have happily shrunk down to ninety minutes without much in the way of loss...

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