Monday, October 03, 2005


There's some brighter news for Londoners who've been hoping for a decent local breakfast show since Danny Baker went off to do whatever it is he's doing right now: Lauren Laverne is taking over breakfast on XFM.

XFM is a strange bloody beast, isn't it? It keeps doing leap-of-faith steps like this, and yet... it still doesn't sound like it's taking leaps of faith with its music.


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!

ian said...

And thank the almighty indie gods it wasn't the inane Alex Zane or the inept Sarah Darling.

Anonymous said...

Jesus. I always feel like the child in the emperor's new clothes with this girl - yes she's lovely, cute as a button and smart, but a crap DJ - she's makes the kind of mistakes a hospital radio DJ would retire over every single time she's on, and on the less technical side, she's got no personality and muddles through on the back of a decent musical knowledge and the odd story about when she was in an small indie band. The current love of a regional accent fronted by an easy on the eye bit of totty means we see her on the music-selling-phones advertorial Orange show and hear her on a host of other ads too. It must be me, I must be getting old... Elvis

simon h b said...

But Elvis... lovely, cute as a button and was in Kenickie is more than enough. Especially in a market where you're competing with Theako and Jono Coleman, surely?

Anonymous said...

That's what I mean, I don't see it. If she was competing in a market with Theako and the other morning goons she'd get thumped, as it is she's going to get her audience regardless, as people tune in for the music not the annoying DJ (O'Connell? Who knew NOWT about music and was up there with Evans in the 'I like a bit of Bryan Adams and Oasis me' camp). I do like her but she's a crap DJ, and does the indie version of 'wacky' DJ (bit like her band). I'll listen anyway because musically it's the best of a bad bunch. Keavney should have got it as he doesn't get in the way of why people come to the station. Anyway! I've said me piece, back to wondering if I'm old enough for Radio 2 yet... E.

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