Sunday, October 02, 2005


You know what it's like when you're striking out on a new career - you need help and advice; you might look for someone who's got a bit of a track record in your chosen field. Which is exactly what Lee Ryan's done; he's turned to Janis Joplin. Yes, yes, we know that she died of an overdose the best part of forty years ago - and, to be fair, so does Lee. (This makes him smarter than someone we once knew who was convinced that Joplin was still alive. And a man.) But Lee talks to her through a medium:

"I go to mediums," he says. "I visit a couple of times a year. I go with my Mum - but then I go in the room on my own and speak to spirits. Recently, the medium told me Janis Joplin was in the room. She said: 'Don't get freaked out by this but have you heard of Janis Joplin?'

"'Janis is here and says she likes your voice - but she has heard you sing and wants you to work on your lower range.'

"Fair enough," says Lee, deadpan. "I did need to work on my lower range."

Well, we'd imagine that eternity might weigh heavy on your hands, but we still can't believe there isn't something better to do in Heaven than listen to Blue.

Although, of course, she did lead an extreme life - but being doomed to spend all eternity in hell listening to boy band records seems a little harsh as punishments go.

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