Saturday, October 29, 2005


Even having strong mob connections cannot help you once you're dead, and relatives and other members of the estate can start to wank your corpse until it leaks coins. Frank Sinatra might be comfortably dead, and is probably sat in one of the leafier parts of purgatory hoping to watch his reputation grow and gather in the way it does after death. Unfortunately, his family have otherudeas:

A virtual Frank Sinatra will star in a show in London's West End, seven years after the singer's death, producers announced Wednesday.

Dancers and a live orchestra will accompany a video projection of the singer. The show uses home movies of Sinatra from the 1950s — restored, colorized and projected onto screens in the theater.

"It's as if you are watching the concert because you are seeing footage of him in his prime, heard as if he is performing in front of you," said the singer's granddaughter, A.J. Azzarto.

"It's not at all ghostly in any way," she added. "Even if it's in an arena it's as if he's singing to you personally."

We think AJ must have misheard a question there, or else confused "ghostly" with "ghoulish." Obviously, at it's heart its little more than a jazzed up piece of cinema, but the promotional push that it's like a proper Sinatra live event is where it starts to stink. We wonder if they looked into seeing how much it would cost to digitally insert Geri Halliwell into the movies to really dump on the old guy's grave?

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