Saturday, October 08, 2005


You have to take your hat off to the Met Police - they've come up with a theory that the drug dealers who supplied Moss and Doherty with coke may also have supplied the Mirror with pictures of the drugs being used. See, detective training gives you insights like that.

Although we're not entirely sure why they're bothered who sold the pictures anyway - are they investigating an invasion of privacy? On the other hand, this is all coming from the Babyshambles camp, so who knows how reliable it is anyway:

The two men haven’t been seen among the Babyshambles singer’s entourage of hangers-on since the pictures were made public last month.

The pair were understood to have been invited along by Doherty to see the new Babyshambles album recorded at the Metropolis.

Our source said: "The two under suspicion are the drug dealers. I can’t be sure there isn’t somebody else involved.
"I don’t like pointing the finger at those people, but they are obviously under suspicion. Everybody else is accounted for. The men in question are both from east London. I hadn’t seen them down there before.

"If they did do it, they have probably left the country by now."
He believes the two drug dealers were not directly involved in selling the pictures of Kate.

He reckons a third person may have brokered the six-figure deal with a newspaper that first published the story. A Metropolis studio spokeswoman refused to confirm that the drug binge involving Kate happened there.

There's something every-so-slightly threatening about the "probably left the country by now" and it's unspoken "if they know what's good for them..."

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