Tuesday, October 04, 2005


We wouldn't want to suggest that Dannii Minogue is basking in having a sick sister, but... she does seem to be getting an awful lot of media coverage out of Kylie's breast cancer. All the while protesting, of course, that she wouldn't want to snatch away Kylie's privacy:

"Honouring her privacy, I wouldn't want to go into any details of anything. It's a tough time on the family as well."

That's Dannii, on GMTV this morning.

A few days ago, Dannii was spotted in the Mirror honouring Kylie's privacy by talking about how Kylie and her boyfriend Olivier Martinez were coping: "He is so romantic and does special things for her all the time. He is French, what do you expect? He's got that va va voom. They are so in love."

A couple of days prior to that, Dannii honoured Kylie's privacy by sharing that her sister was coping with cancer by laughing at Little Britain - she shared this only with a few close friends and anyone else at a random fashion week party.

A week or so before, and the New Zealand Herald was carrying more discretion from Dannii, yakking away again about how Kylie was "bouncing back."

And that came just after Dannii made room in her busy schedule at the GQ Awards to tell the Sun how Kylie was coping with the treatment: ""My sister is coping amazingly well with her treatment," said Dannii. "I don't know how she got to be such a strong person but she's a real fighter."

Of course, it would be wrong to suggest that all Dannii does these days is talk about nothing but Kylie's health. She also goes on about her own health, what with her sister being ill and all:

"Kylie is doing great at the moment but the whole thing has made us reassess our lives.

"We never take anything for granted and really go all out to look after ourselves health-wise. I have always been health-conscious but now am even more so."

Thank god Dannii has the good sense to not use her sister's health as a lazy way of getting interviews. For a health-conscious girl, something cheap like that - well, you could feel it eating away at your soul.

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