Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Pete Doherty's first love was football, not music, and his passion was for Queens Park Rangers. Now he's returning to that love, writing a song that he's offered to the team to use when they win the FA Cup. They've got a while to decide if they want it, then, although... it's possible the sub-I Ludicrious lyrics might make the decision quite simple:

I'll be, I'll be there
And just before I hit the bar
With the ghost of Rodney Marsh in his pre-smug pundit days
Before he sold Rangers down the Swanee
With Gerry Francis's offshore money
It's a toss-up between Mick Jones
And a consortium from the Middle Eastern equivalent of Barrett Homes
I'll be, I'll be there
With blue and white ticker tape in my hair
Up the Rs
Up the Rs
Up the Rs
What a life on Mars

If Byron was alive today, he'd be writing football anthems. But they'd be better.


Mackla said...

nme.com describes Pete's babbling as an 'essay', which is pushing it even by their standards, don't you think?

karl said...

It would appear that one of The Books Of Albion is a rhyming dictionary. It's not exactly 'World In Motion' is it?

mike said...

i hate pete docherty

rhyming R's with Mars? Inspired. Truly. Then again he is writing lyrics for football fans to sing...

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