Thursday, October 27, 2005


Justin Hawkins is in a bit of a bad mood - he thinks we're not getting the proper respeck from overseas. In fact, he thinks British music is in a bad way. A very bad way indeed:

"British music is the laughing stock of the world. It's such fucking dreary bullshit. It's such a cliche to say, 'We were so bored of the industry around us that we started our own band!' But it's no coincidence that all our influences are from a long time ago."

We're not sure there's quite the pattern of logic there that he thinks there is - it could be, couldn't it, that Hawkins is just out of touch with modern times? And did The Darkness really form because people are laughing at Coldplay? And isn't the British depress-o-rama unfortunately somewhat popular around the globe?

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