Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Bad news for Uli Jon Roth, scorpions guitarist. He's feeling the winds of change blowing now, alright, as he's been declared bankrupt. Apparently, he lives in Wales in a huge half-a-million quid mansion.

Or, rather, he does at the moment. As if having to sell up isn't bad enough, locals don't really think he's a famous rock star, either:

Local resident Elgan Jones, 28, said, "It is right near the beach in a lovely spot, but it is in the middle of nowhere really.

"People know that he lives there and that he is some kind of musician but a lot of people don't really remember The Scorpions do they? Apart from that one song. They were always bigger in Eastern Europe. Perhaps he liked a bit more privacy here in Wales."

Actually, he doesn't think he's a rock star, either. icWales has dug about in the archives and found this:

"The locals don't need to worry about sex and drugs and televisions crashing through windows or anything like that," said Roth.

"Although I have been in a rock band I pride myself on being outside that circle. I may look like a rock star with my long hair and scruffy clothes but I don't behave like one."

And now he won't be able to afford to live like one, either.


Anonymous said...

No doubt its a strategic bankrupcy... The house he lives in is worth more like £1 million and a bankrupcy like this means he'll be able to write off all his debts and start over again....

Anonymous said...

Just found this from someone who works for him...
Showbiz Pays... Or Does it??

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