Tuesday, October 04, 2005


In an announcement that would have trouble stunning anyone, Sex Pistol Steve Jones has said that, actually, most punk was rubbish:

"I don't really like punk. Most of it is crap. What I like is considered quite cheesy - Boston, Queen, Slade. In my punk days, I could never have admitted to liking bands like that. I'd have been given a beating."

In related news, music has shocked the world by suggesting that the Sex Pistols weren't really much good, and certainly not that punk. Talking to a packed press conference, Music laid into the band:

"I really didn't like the Sex Pistols. Most of what they did was crap. What I liked was much more considered and thoughtful. The Sex Pistols weren't to my liking at all, and always behaved like they were looking to give someone a beating. It was all a bit of an empty-headed stance they came up with while they were waiting to get proper jobs as estate agents."

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ielle said...

lol, well as a punk gal i should stick up for the sex pistols and say they were awesome and blah blah blah, but frankly you're absolutely right. They are a bit crappy at times. They had moments of brilliance (anarchy in the uk). But most of that can be overshadowed with sid's drunken propensity to stand in a corner NOT playing his bass and having no one really notice. That can't be good.

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