Saturday, October 08, 2005


We're sure everyone from Kate Moss down to T-Mobile - whose expensive press launch he unbalanced - will be delighted that Robbie Williams has expressed his support for the dusty-nosed model.

Now, we've not got a lot of time for Williams, which makes it especially galling that we found ourselves nodding along to much of his pronouncement - although his reasons for supporting her seem to include that she's usually nice to him. Luckily, though, he managed to blow it:

Williams said: “She’s done nothing wrong. What she does in her private life should be her own private affair. We are talking about a woman who has never hurt anybody and never pretended to be somebody she isn’t.” Williams, 31, had met Moss on several occasions and described her as “an absolute icon, beautiful. Every time I met her she’s been lovely to me.” The singer accused the media of conducting a witch-hunt, which could ultimately result in her death. He said: “It wouldn’t surprise me if she’d tried to commit suicide the week everything hit the papers. As a public figure it’s scary because sometimes it’ll be your mum these people get the knives out for.”

Hang about a moment there - a "public figure", you say, Robbie? Aren't you getting carried away a little there? We know you might think you contribute to the communal good by gurning a lot and pretending to have lots of girlfriends, but to describe yourself (and Moss, come to that) as public figures is just a nonesense. You're a celebrity - or, more accurately, a performing monkey - and to try and bolster your place in society from song-and-dance man to being on a par with a civil servant or elected representative may be an indication of how shit our politicians are these days, but it's going too far.

Public figure? Oh, don't you wish, Robbie.


djshawn said...

I really like your thoughts.... and this is my second time visiting your site. I think I like! I am gonna put you on my favorites and visit often. I may want to put a link on my blog to yours..... come see me and tell me what you think.....

"Life as I know it"

mitya said...

i know you don't like Robbie, and maybe this is just one of those cultural differences in language, but you know if he were bringing a lawsuit on privacy or libel issues, no court in the world would accept that he's anything BUT a public figure.

anyway, i have no sympathy for kate given that libel suit she won two months ago.

Adam said...

On your list of music blogs, you can include mine.

Anonymous said...

It's odd that Robbie should want to practice coming out. He's not gay or anything is he? Surely not, he has a girl friend hasn't he?

And, no he is *NOT* a public figure - he is a you rightly say, a "celebrity" and that is not the same thing.

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