Monday, November 07, 2005


It's impossible to watch the ongoing life of Ashlee Simpson without a slight sense of awe - does she really plan her actions, or is it all spontaneous? Her latest bit of action has been to behave like a spoiled child in a McDonalds:

Footage of her outburst — caught on camera and video at 1.30am on Wednesday, November 2 — is sure to cause her fresh embarrassment in the wake of her recent humiliating lip-syncing scandal.

The blonde-haired star could barely stand up as she repeatedly demanded to see the manager of the restaurant in downtown Toronto, Canada.

As she pathetically clambered onto the counter she shouted: "Oh please get the manager, I would love to talk to the manager."

When a McDonald's employee asked Simpson to stop sitting on the service counter, the singer called her a "bitch" while her male companion tried to calm her down.

Her male friend tried to diffuse the potentially explosive situation and said: "She's okay, it's cool…don't worry."

Simpson then said: "I promise your manager will be nice to me."

The employee replied: "I don't think so."

"I bet you he will," she replied. "I bet you five million dollars!"

Before she could lip-synch her teeth into some French fries she had ordered, Simpson was also heard telling a customer "fuck you".

Presumably, though, it'll all turn out to be the drummer's fault, won't it?

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Becky said...

You didn't mention the part where she told a fan she wouldn't sign an autograph because he hadn't kissed her feet. Classy!

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