Monday, November 21, 2005


In what she probably imagines is a cute little sidenote, Madonna has announced that Guy Ritchie hates her new album (although he will, presumably, be happy to eat the good soup it will earn the couple):

"Guy thought it was shit. He prefers Irish folk music."

We're half in agreement with Guy - we prefer Irish folk music to Cameltoe on the Dancefloor. But we also prefer the sound of fingernails on polystyrene, frightened squirrels being consumed alive by slobbering old men, and the noise orphans make when their big day out at the mincemeat factory coincides with day the floors got overpolished and someone forgot to put the safety guards on the machine.

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linda minus jacqueline said...

wow. chuck palahniuk would be proud. are you a novelist on the side?

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